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Looking for Backflow prevention testing in Brisbane? At Watermark Plumbing, our experts are fully licensed and qualified to undertake backflow prevention testing, servicing, installation, replacement and disconnection. Backflow prevention testing is a test required by law to ensure your properties backflow device is fully operational.

backflow prevention device is used to protect potable water supplies from contamination or pollution due to backflow.

. Backflow prevention devices are usually fitted in the following circumstances:

  • an irrigation system connected to the mains water supply
  • fire hose reels or hydrants
  • a commercial or industrial activity or machinery connected to the mains
  • water outlets in proximity to pollutants, grease traps or chemicals
  • an underground rainwater tank that has mains water backup.

When your backflow testing reminder comes around be sure to contact Watermark Plumbing on 0417620502, a local family business in Brisbane.  We will ensure your valve is compliant and submit all relevant testing paperwork.

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