Nobody likes a blocked drain!  They cause inconvenience, cost money, and are a health hazard.  An interesting article in last week’s news highlighted the dangers of using flushable wipes.  Danger- for the manufacturer in the form of hefty fines for misleading information and more importantly danger for YOU, the consumer, as your blocked drain will require some heavy-duty repair work.

A leading company who are the supplier of ‘flushable’ toilet and wipes were fined in a recent court ruling, given penalties’ totaling $7000 000 for advertising false and misleading information about the wipes.  They alleged that they were safe for your toilet system and flushed just like toilet paper.

In addition, they falsely stated that the wipes were made from a material that would disintegrate in the sewage system when flushed.  This is not true, and the build-up of these wipes has caused significant issues in both household and municipal sewerage systems. The blockage is a big issue and should be resolved as soon as possible.

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