blocked drains plumber

Poor plumbing installation.  A poor drainage plan can result in blocked drains, sinks and pipes.

Flushable Wipes, Sanitary Pads And Nappies

Flushable wipes may be advertised as such but THEY ARE NOT FLUSHABLE. You might be tempted to flush these wipes, sanitary products and nappies down the toilet. But don’t! These are not biodegradable and will cause major problems if they get caught in your sewerage system. Wipes and nappies can clog up  home sewerage pipes, causing it to overflow back into your bathroom drains or even flood your home and yard with sewerage completely.

Grease And Fat

It’s very common to have blocked drains caused by fat and grease. When food products like meat and dairy products are not properly disposed of, they start to solidify in the drain pipes. A pressure jet cleaner can ensure that this problem does not reoccur. It is recommended that you call a plumber straight away as the cause may be a faulty pipe installation. If this happens regularly it could be a sign of another underlying problem in your drainage system.

Hairs Can Block The Drains

Hair can easily get stuck in the drain, causing blockages. This will cause your basin,  shower or floor waste to overflow and may be the cause of unsavoury odour.

Soap Scum Can Block Showers And Drain

Soap scum is a build-up of soap, oil and other residues that can block your shower and drain. The build-up occurs when the soap doesn’t dissolve in water properly and instead sinks to the bottom of the pipes where it sticks together with other substances such as oil or hair.

Foreign Objects

In some cases, you may find that a blocked drain has been caused by something as simple as an object that has been flushed down the toilet, sink or placed in an outside relief gully.  Children’s toys, rocks and sticks are common causes.

Tree Roots Blocking Drains

In some cases, tree roots can grow through drain pipes and cause blockages. When you have a house with lots of trees nearby, it’s likely that one or more have grown close enough that their roots may have penetrated your house’s stormwater or sewerage system. This issue should be fixed immediately otherwise it could lead to further damage down the line—and make things worse than they already were when you first noticed them!

Some blocked drains mean that there may be something more serious going on such as a collapsed or broken pipe that needs repair or replacement. In this case, we recommend calling in our professional blocked drain plumbing service so we can diagnose your problem properly and help with any repairs necessary.