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Heat pump hot water systems work by transferring heat from the air outside of the system to the water inside the system through a heat exchange system. However, they still work in very cold conditions, and certainly in Brisbane’s temperatures. They work in a similar way to refrigerators, except in reverse.

They are a highly efficient option, using just 30% of the energy that conventional electric systems use. This means that although heat pump hot water systems are more expensive to purchase and install, they are much cheaper to run and can shave a lot of money off your electricity bills. Furthermore, they are more environmentally friendly than electric systems.

There are two main types of heat pump hot water systems: integrated systems which combine the tank and compressor, and split systems with the tank and compressor separate. 

Most heat pump hot water systems use the same plumbing as electric systems, meaning that it’s not usually too difficult to switch from electric to heat pump. However, installation should always be carried out by a licensed plumber. Our team are highly qualified and experienced in the installation of all heat pump hot water systems.

If you experience any issues with the system, you may be able to resolve them yourself. One common problem is no hot water. If you experience this, you should check whether the power box that the system is connected to has tripped. If it hasn’t, then check if the thermostat’s setting is too low.

If you notice unusual sounds coming from the system, this could be caused by sediment build-up. This can be avoided by flushing the hot water twice per year.

Finally, if you notice a rotten odour coming from the system, this is most likely caused by the reaction of tap water coming into contact with an anode rod that’s made of magnesium. The best way to fix this is by replacing the magnesium anode rod with one made from aluminium. 

If the above doesn’t solve your problems, or if you experience any other issues, we are on hand to tend to all of your heat pump hot water system repairs. We have installed, repaired, and replaced heat pump systems all over Brisbane, so whatever you need, we’re confident that we can help out. Call us today. 

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