Nothing is worse than waking up on these cold winter mornings to find that your Hot Water System is no longer operating as it should.

There are a few signs that will let you know that your HWS is no longer functioning properly and may need a part replaced or a whole new system:

1. Lukewarm water or hot water running out too quickly? Your thermostat or element may be faulty and need replacing

2. Water leaking? There are valves that operate as part of your system that may when broken, cause your HWS to leak.  These can be easily replaced.

3. Rust?. Whilst not always a sign of damage, it is worth investigating.

4. Discoloured water? Perhaps you have rust or sediment at the bottom of your HWS.

5. Tank at a funny angle?  Erosion, rain or leaks can erode the ground below the tank. Your system will need to be drained and reinstalled on top of a cement slab. It can cause more damage if you don’t!

Not all HWS issues require a whole new system.  Sometimes a simple part replacement or service can do the trick!

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