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Sink InstallationWhether you’re renovating, replacing, or building from scratch, sink installation is an essential part of your kitchen or bathroom. Furthermore, they’re a handy addition to your laundry, utility, and other areas.

Before you purchase your new sink, you have some important yet exciting decisions to make. Firstly, what type of sink will you choose? Different types of sinks suit different areas, and also come with different price tags, both for the product and for the sink installation. Popular types of sink include:

  • Farmhouse sinks – also known as apron sinks, London sinks, Belfast sinks, or butler sinks, this is the most traditional and classic option. This type of sink is stylish, practical, and durable, and often found in kitchens and laundry rooms. Because of their larger size, they sometimes require a modified base cabinet for support.
  • Stainless steel sinks – we see this type of sink often. They can be installed into any room of the house, however, they are often found in kitchens and utility rooms, as well as commercial kitchens. They don’t rust easily and tend to have a long life with very little maintenance required.
  • Tile sinks – these types of sinks have gained popularity due to the way that they look, however, keep in mind that you may require a tile setter as well as a plumber for the sink installation.
  • Wall-mounted sinks – these sinks attach directly to the wall, with no cabinet required underneath. However, the wall must be able to support the weight of the sink, and modifications to the wall and pipes may be necessary.

The next thing to consider is the type of sink mounting. You most likely be selecting from these three options:

  • Overmount sink installation – also known as drop-in sinks, the sink is slotted into a pre-made space on the counter, with little to no modifications to the counter or cabinet required.
  • Undermount sink installation – this type of sink is popular because it creates a more seamless, stylish look. Furthermore, there is no rim between the countertop and the sink, which makes clean up easier.
  • Flushmount sink installation – with this type of installation, the lip of the sink is flush-mounted into the countertop for a seamless flow between the counter and the sink.

Whichever sink and mounting you choose, we will be happy to install it for you. We’ve spent years completing sink installation kitchen, bathroom, laundry, and more in homes and businesses all over Brisbane, so we’re experienced in the traditional and the unconventional.

If you want your sink installation completed efficiently, cleanly, and to a high standard, call us now.

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