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Looking for toilet installation? We can help.

There are many potential reasons why you may be thinking about a new toilet installation. Perhaps you are renovating, or adding an en suite, bathroom, or powder room to your home.

Maybe your home is a new build and you are starting from scratch. Or perhaps your old toilet or fittings are damaged, cracked, leaky, or otherwise broken. Whatever the reason, we can help with toilet installation Brisbane.

Should I repair my toilet or replace it?

If you are considering a new toilet installation because your old loo is damaged or broken, then it is helpful to first consider whether it is best to repair the old toilet or purchase a new one before splashing out on toilet installation costs. This will depend on your individual circumstances.

Here are some tips to determine whether to repair or replace your broken toilet.

  1. If you have already repaired your toilet several times, then this is a sure sign that it is in need of being replaced. After all, there is no point in wasting time and money repairing something that will continue to break. In this case, replacing your toilet is the best option in the long run.
  2. Is the porcelain on your toilet cracked? Over time porcelain cracks develop and can lead to flooding. There isn’t a lot that can be done to prevent this once cracks occur, so the best option is to replace the toilet before any further damage is caused by flooding.
  3. How old is your toilet? If you have an old toilet then the chances are that it is not an economical model. Modern low flush toilets will save you both water and money in the long term, as well as looking more stylish in your bathroom.


Types of toilet

Once you have determined, for whatever reason, that it is time for a new toilet installation, it is time to decide what type of toilet you would like.

Toilet styles include:

  • Back to wall: this style of toilet attaches directly to the wall in a way in which the pipes are hidden.
  • Close-coupled: a toilet style in which the cistern and toilet pan are connected, hiding the flush pipe.
  • Wall hung toilet: a toilet that is mounted to the wall with a gap between the toilet and the floor, giving a clean, modern appearance.
  • Wall faced: this type of toilet is mounted to the floor and has an in-wall cistern. It looks similar to a wall-mounted toilet except that there is no gap between the toilet and the floor.

Once you have chosen a toilet style, you will need to select what type of toilet pan you would like. The three most common options are P-trap, S-trap, and skew trap.

With a P-trap pan, the pipe connects directly to the wall, whereas an S-trap pan pipe connects to the floor. The skew trap is an older style in which the pan extends either side of the toilet bowl.

Different styles and pans will have different installation requirements, so if you are carrying out the toilet installation yourself then you will need to be aware of the requirements for your toilet.

Need advice? There are many options available on the market now and specifications can be quite confusing. So feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding which suite is right for your location. Our plumbers at Watermark Plumbing are experts in all types of toilet installation Brisbane, and we are always happy to help out.

How to install a toilet

Once you have selected your perfect toilet, the next step is to take measurements. Don’t underestimate the importance of this, as it is essential that the toilet bowl sits perfectly over the drain, and not all toilets are the same size.

Once you have selected your toilet and carried out a toilet fit off, the next step is to turn off the water valve and flush the toilet several times to remove all excess water. Next, you will need to unscrew your old toilet so that it is completely isolated from the plumbing system, before unscrewing the screws that are keeping it attached to the floor.

Now it is time to install the new toilet. This involves first placing the toilet so that it is perfectly aligned for the bolts and sewage pipes. Before or after the toilet is placed, you should apply a sealant to fill the natural gap between the toilet and the floor.

Once the bolts and washers have been installed, it is advisable to wait for the sealant to dry before using the new toilet.

Installing a toilet is a time-consuming job that can be difficult for those who don’t fully know what they are doing. That’s why we fully recommend calling a professional plumber to ensure that the job is completed properly.

At Watermark Plumbing, we have only fully qualified and licensed plumbers and have been operating for over 20 years. Our skilled tradesmen have all you require to be able to install any toilet suite brands in your Brisbane home.

We can assist in the installation of your new toilet suite including; all sewerage connections, toilet fit off, and council requirements. Tell us your goal and we are happy to provide you with the service according to your requirements and budget.

Contact Watermark Plumbing for fast and efficient advice and service. We are a local family business servicing Brisbane.

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