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water filter installation BrisbaneWhilst Brisbane’s water is treated at water treatment facilities to ensure that it is drinkable, the quality of the water can still be affected by issues such as floods. Furthermore, a small amount of impurities and chemicals may still remain in the water after filtration.

Studies have found the following impurities in our drinking water:

  • Chlorine
  • Fluoride
  • Copper
  • Mercury
  • Pesticides

These substances can make the water appear discoloured or give it an unpleasant odour, however, sometimes they are undetectable. Furthermore, over time they can pose severe health implications and risks.

You could, of course, only drink bottled water, but this is expensive and uses a lot of plastic. Similarly, boiling all of your water before drinking is costly and time-consuming. If you want to ensure that the water you are drinking is safe, clean, and free of harmful impurities, the solution is to install a water filter in your home.

There are three types of water filters:

  • Sediment filters – this type of filter is usually installed either at the point of entry to the house or beneath the kitchen sink. They remove suspended solids, dirt, and rust.
  • Carbon filters – these are usually installed beneath the sink or countertop, or as a whole house system. With specific flow rates, the carbon removes up to 99% of dangerous chemicals.
  • Reverse osmosis – this is the most thorough and advanced water treatment solution. A fine membrane ensures that all that can pass through is pure water.

With many years of experience working all over the city, Watermark Plumbing are experts in installing and repairing water filters Brisbane.

If you would like to add a water filter to your home, we can help you to determine the best one for your needs, and get it up and running in no time. If you’re experiencing problems with your current water filter, we’re confident that we can repair it.

We pride ourselves on our efficient service, so you won’t have to wait long for a cleaner, healthier drinking water. Call us today and make contaminated drinking water a thing of the past.

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