There is always a certain amount of maintenance that can be completed successfully and safely by a homeowner, However, some repairs require a qualified licensed tradesman and that is where Watermark Plumbing, a local family business, is here to help. The recent World Plumbing day in March served to remind us all that one of the roles of Watermark Plumbing is to protect the health of our community.

Sewage Most people are probably hesitant to fix their own blocked drains – and with good reason. A blockage or leak in your sewage system impedes the flow of sewage on its way out through the drain. This is a serious health issue for your family. Blocked drains can cause the sewage to flow back up the pipe and into the bathroom or toilet – a situation comprising the hygiene in your home. Our licensed plumbers can determine if the council is responsible for your issue or if the problem lies within your own yard. Prompt clearance of blocked drains is a must. Remember don’t believe the packaging – ‘flushable wipes” are NOT flushable.

Hot Water Systems A malfunctioning HWS is a task only for a professional tradesman – Plumbers, Gasfitters and Electricians. Attempting to repair your own Hot Water System is placing you and your family in a dangerous situation. Additionally, it is illegal to tamper with electrical and gas lines unless qualified. Plumber Brisbane (Watermark Plumbing) tradesman are all qualified gas fitters and can assist you with maintaining your gas hot water system. We also install Electrical HWS’s, providing our own electrician as a convenient one-stop shop. Heat pumps have increased in popularity and we are happy to assist you with those too.

Check our Hot Water System Installation and Repairs page for more information.

Stormwater Long, rain-free periods can make us complacent about stormwater. Incorrect stormwater drainage can cause a flooding risk to your home. Extensive damage and erosion can be caused during heavy rainfall or extended rain periods if the design of your stormwater is not up to the test. Leaf filled gutters and blocked downpipes will cause water to flow back into the home. A major cause of concern is that in some homes the stormwater has been connected to the sewage system. As well as the health risk associated with an overflowing sewage line, this illegal discharge of stormwater would result in expensive monetary fines.

So remember, if you have concerns about any of these issues, contact Watermark Plumbing on 0417 620 502 for a qualified and safe solution to your problem.